NIOHDC is not a reporting body and has no legal power of enforcement, though we welcome our community's requests for advice/guidance and will respond with care and confidentiality.

Not in Our House DC

Seeking to create a culture of safety, respect, and accountability in our theatres

Not In Our House DC (NIOH DC) is a volunteer group of multidisciplinary theatre practitioners who work in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. We strive to develop standards of safety and empower individuals and organizations to address the existing structures that allow for harassment and unsafe conditions in our theatres.


The Standards are a comprehensive guide to procedures and best practices, as well as a framework for how to handle complaints when these standards are breached. These preventative principles and guidelines can help your organization and can be used as a tool for empowerment as an individual theatre artist. Theatre organizations are invited to adopt The Standards publicly and to apply them for the good of the community to create a culture of safety, respect, and accountability.

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